Printing Help

All of the data tables and interactive dashboards on ASIR's website have the ability to be exported to PDF format for printing.

To print a dashboard or detailed data table to PDF, look for the export icon towards the bottom of the table or visualization like the one pictured below (the icon is a box with an arrow pointing to the right above it):

Print Icon With Box And Arrow

When the export icon is clicked, a menu displays with different ways to export the data (some options may be grayed out, which indicates that it is not an available export option for the current visualization/data table). For printing purposes, select the "PDF" option.

After selecting the "PDF" option, the dialog box pictured below will appear:
Export PDF
The Export PDF dialog box allows you to select the different ways that you can export the visualization/data table to PDF. You are provided with the following options/controls:

Layout: Select whether the PDF will be exported in either portrait or landscape orientations.

Content: Select whether the dashboard is exported as-is, whether each sheet on the dashboard is exported individually, or whether each individual sheet in the underlying workbook is exported (if applicable).

Sheets to Export: Select which sheets on the dashboard are exported to PDF.

Paper Size: Select the size of the pages the PDF will be exported to.

Scaling: Select how much of the dashboard will be displayed on each page of the exported PDF.

Clicking the "Export" button pictured above will bring up a Save As dialog box that allows saving of the exported PDF file of the visualization/data table to a directory on your computer.

Please note that the way in which a data visualization/data table prints on the exported PDF may depend on the number of parameters selected. For example, printing breakpoints may differ on the PDF when printing a report that only displays Fall 2014 data versus one that displays five years worth of fall data (e.g. Fall 2009 - Fall 2014).