Latest Graduation Rate Data Now Available

The latest official SDSU graduation rates are now available on the ASIR website, and our reports and data visualizations have been updated accordingly.  Some highlights from the latest data include:

  • SDSU’s first-time freshmen 4-, 5- and 6-year rates have improved this year to 53.5% (+4.5 points compared to previous cohort), 73.3% (+0.6 points) and 77.8% (+4.5 points) respectively.
  • SDSU’s 2-year graduation rates improved to 60.1% (+4.1 points) and 4-year transfer rate to 88.7% (+1.2 points).
  • One-year continuation rates, a leading indicator for future graduation trends, remain strong. This includes a 2.5-point increase in one-year continuation for new transfers from 91.5% to 94%.

For further details and data, visit the Graduation & Progress section under “Student Data” in the site’s main menu.